On Site Training

On Site TrainingBring KN CIRCLE to your facility for customized training! Hands-on training when and where you want it! bring everything to you, no hassles, for a complete turn key training solution delivered on-site at your company location.

Cutting-edge content customized to your needs

KN CIRCLE can design custom exercises based on your organizations’ projects and processes. A pre-class conference call with one of our instructors and your subject-matter-experts starts the process.

Workshops and exercises are designed around actual work in progress at your organization, so your staff gains practical experience. Instead of using a standard metaphor such as an ATM machine, KN CIRCLE instructors work with you to develop practical problems to be completed in class. For larger programs, a comprehensive Case Study is designed to tie several learning objectives together.

Your organization also benefits from the brainstorming sessions that take place during the program. The knowledge and solutions gained will be directly applicable to the students' work environment.

Combining classroom activities and instructor mentoring, your organization benefits greatly from actual work completed during class. Most KN CIRCLE students are still in touch with their instructors and continue to benefit from ongoing coaching.

Expert instructors

The success of every training event starts and ends with the assigned instructor. KN CIRCLE uses an extensive screening process to hand-select each member of its Instructor Team.

KN CIRCLE Instructors:

  • Bring courseware and labs to life
  • Engage student with real-world applications
  • Share valuable lessons learned from practical experience
  • Act as consultants on project deliverables before, during, and after class
  • Differentiate KN CIRCLE from the rest of the training world!

Turn-key logistics

KN CIRCLE will deliver courses using your existing training lab and also has the expertise and resources necessary to provide a “traveling classroom”.

When providing a “traveling classroom”, KN CIRCLE provides all of the hardware and software needed to execute a successful hands-on training experience.

Flexible dates

Courses delivered at your preferred dates and times